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Writing a Newsletter as Part of Law Firm Marketing

One of the most important aspects of a law firm marketing plan is a newsletter. Some law firms send out a physical print newsletter while others send out and electronic newsletter. This video discusses the three key components of a law firm newsletter.

The three key components of your law firm newsletter are: Topic, Tone and Timing

Deciding what to write about is critical. Your topics really depend upon your audience. If you are writing for other lawyers (as referral sources) you can site precedent, judicial decisions etc. If you are writing for consumers, you should reveal a little about yourself and your firm and cover topics that will interest “everyman”. If you are writing for business owners, you should include discussion of the potential business implications of the topic being discussed as well as economic issues. The key is to select topics based on your audience.

One factor to keep in mind is that people are nosey. They always want to know what is going on in the lives of other people. (This is the reason why gossip magazines are a huge business around the world.) The more you can share about yourself in your newsletter, the more interesting people will find it.

The most important thing about selecting topics is to NOT BE BORING. People will read your newsletter if they find it interesting. If you are boring, your newsletter will be thrown away.


Everybody hates when lawyers talk like lawyers. It sounds pompous and few people will admit when they don’t understand you. Speak like a human being. Break things down into everyday language.

Beyond this general guidance, the tone of your newsletter should reflect your personality. Keep in mind the purpose of a newsletter is to develop a relationship with the client/potential client. You want him/her to feel as though they have had a conversation with you. For better or for worse, your personality is YOURS. Let your newsletter reflect the way you are in real life.


Most attorneys hate it when we discuss frequency of newsletter distribution. Simply put, the more frequently you communicate with your clients/prospective clients, the deeper your relationship with them will be. The minimum standard for communicating with your clients is a monthly newsletter. It is preferable if the monthly newsletter is sent in print via the postal service (mail it).

The best results I have seen come from attorneys who send out weekly electronic newsletters followed by a monthly printed newsletter. If the content is interesting, it will be read.

Your newsletter is the most valuable tool you have to develop your relationship with your clients. Make the best use of it by focusing on the proper topic, tone and timing.

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