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When It Comes To Law Firm Marketing Is This A Business or A Profession?

Somehow law firm marketing gets sucked into the debate about whether or not the practice of law is a business or a profession.

The other day I overheard a couple of lawyers rehashing this debate (the discussion began with the viewing of a television commercial).

Ultimately, as a lawyer you are a professional. This means you have standards you must uphold. It means you have ethical guidelines you must follow. When you open your own law firm you also have a business. When you are a partner in a business you have a responsibility to the other owners of the business to make as much money as possible.

So why can’t you run your business in an ethical way and still make money? This video goes into detail on that specific point.

I get sucked into this debate because many lawyers see law firm marketing as unethical. It is almost as if you are supposed to sit back and wait for clients to find you and not promote yourself at all. I understand that there are some unethical people out there doing crappy things with marketing. But you find that in any business. Don’t lump law firm marketing into the business vs. profession debate.

In the end, there is no debate. Be professional and run your business.

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