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Understanding How Google Works for Legal Marketing

This is a great video by Matt Cutts who is the head of Google’s web spam team. He describes how a Google search works.

  • There are over 200 criteria for determining what search results are delivered. That means the Google algorithm is almost impossible for your average SEO guy to crack. So your neighbor-turned-SEO-expert probably only knows a little about how to get to number one on Google.
  • Google takes synonyms into account in search. This makes sense but I wonder if it is only common synonyms or even some obscure synonyms.
  • Google still places importance on Page Rank (something that has been promoted by “SEO experts” as untrue.
  • Linking the pages of your website together though links in the actual text of articles is as important as ever.

Think about how your website is designed and think about the content on it. Is it easy for Google to tell what you do and why a client should choose you?

Google always strives to deliver the best search results based on user intent. Make your website as much about the people who will be using it as possible and you rank highly in Google search.

If you would like more information about law firm marketing on the Internet watch this video that answers basic Internet marketing questions for lawyers.

This is valuable for you and for legal marketing because if understand how it works you can understand how to make your website more friendly to it.

Here are some things I found interesting in this video:

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