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Three Ways to Get More Referrals

There are three types of people who will refer prospective clients to your law firm. All of them are important and all can be extremely valuable.

The first type of person is someone who is a center of influence. This means they are respected within a particular group or community, they offer advice to people in need and where they lead, others follow. These people are critically important to lawyers in consumer based practices. A person who is a center of influence has the potential to refer dozens of cases to you. These people have deep relationships.

The second type of person is a friend, family member or someone you met in a social situation. These people fit into what is called your natural network. This means they are generally not people who understand what you do for a living and many times they think they have knowledge of the law because they have seen it on television.

The third type of person is a client, former client or a friend or relative of a client. If you have been a good lawyer, and you treat these folks with respect, it is just a matter of staying ‘top of mind’ with them and helping them identify a potential need for your services.

Referrals generally come from relationships built on a strong foundation. If you are looking to develop relationships that help you grow your law firm, you must have a giver’s mentality. This video describes the mentality of a giver and how it can help you get more referrals.

There are three ways to give to others to get more referrals.

Make an Introduction: This is a great way to build a relationship with your potential referral source. Introductions can often lead to business relationships. Open your rolodex to these potential referral sources and they will reward you with referrals.

Send them a Client: Keep your eyes open for possible opportunities to send clients to them. If they have a law firm, send them clients in their area of expertise. This is the quickest way to build a relationship with a potential referral source.

Stay Top of Mind: This is important for everyone. You must always stay top of mind with your referral sources. This can be by sending a newsletter or by some other means. Staying top of mind is critical to sourcing referrals.

Sourcing referrals requires good communication. If you communicate and develop relationships you will be a winner at getting more referrals.

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