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The Truth About Legal Marketing and Positioning

Lawyers who command high fees are never perceived as lawyers. You read that correctly. Their clients view them as Trusted Advisors. Being a Trusted Advisor means that a client never makes a move without consulting you. Those consultations have value. People pay for things that have value. How do you get to that point? Legal marketing helps you get there. Specifically a part of your legal marketing plan called POSITIONING. What is positioning? This video scratches the surface.

Everything you do that a client or a prospective client will see has an impact on your positioning. Positioning is the place you hold in the mind of your client. It is how your client perceives you.

Attorneys with good positioning command higher fees. They have their pick of the prospective clients who come calling. They work the amount of hours they feel like working.

What position do you hold in the mind of your ideal client? How can your legal marketing plan help you improve that position?

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