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The Truth About Email Marketing for Lawyers

Every attorney should have some form of follow-up contact with people they meet. Email is one of the ways my clients educate their prospective clients. Implementing a follow-up system that uses email marketing is a good idea. This video explains why.

There are three significant benefits to email marketing for lawyers. They are:

1). Email marketing is cost effective. What does it cost to send out an email? Next to nothing. And the return on investment could be huge.

2). Marketing with email is personal. Even though you are sending email to many people, each email can be personalized and you can receive the responses yourself. This is an excellent way to build a relationship.

3). You can develop a system for your email marketing. This is critical. You can set up your email to be delivered whenever you want it to go out. It is not dependent upon you.

Overall email is an excellent marketing media for lawyers. I highly recommend using it weekly to educate your prospects and clients.

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