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The Essential Elements of a Law Firm Marketing Plan

There are three essential elements of a law firm marketing plan. All three of them must work together in help attract a client to your law firm. Watch this video for more detail.

The three elements of a law firm marketing plan are outlined below. They are:


The market is the group of people you want to target with your law firm marketing message. Selection of market (the audience) is critical for the success of your law firm marketing plan. The best way to begin the process of market selection is to identify your best clients and target more clients just like them.


The second critical component of your law firm marketing plan is your message. This is what you want to say to your market. Your message should educate your client on the problem he/she is experiencing. The message should differentiate you from everyone else who does what you do and it should motivate the client to take action.


The final component of a law firm marketing plan is the media you select. Media can be anything from television and radio to a speaking engagement or even a face-to-face meeting.

These three elements: Message, Market and Media must be in alignment in order for your prospective client to respond to your law firm marketing.

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