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The Best Word in Marketing for Lawyers

I have a favorite word when it comes to marketing for lawyers. Actually this word applies to practice management and business strategy as well as law firm marketing.

The word is: NO
The reason I love this word is because it is empowering. It helps you realize that you control your own destiny.

Here are the three times you should definitely use the word “NO” in your law firm.

Unacceptable Fees

If you meet with someone and they want to negotiate the fee down, then you should say “NO”. If a clients tries to negotiate your fee downward you should always say no to that business. People who negotiate fees do not have a full appreciation for the value you provide. This is probably not going to change.

Always refuse any work where you are required to simply reduce the fee without reducing the value.


I hate interruptions. They break your momentum and they prohibit you from getting work done. If you have a goal and you are working to achieve your goal, interruptions will absolutely kill you.

Always say “NO” when someone asks you if you have got a minute. The famous expression: “Got a minute?” is an absolute killer and you should always respond “NO” to that question.

Lack of Measurement

Always refuse to engage in any marketing where measurement is not possible. This is true of everything from billboards to brochures. You should never, ever use a marketing strategy or tactic that cannot be measured.

Ultimately, the word “NO” must become your best friend. If you can use it liberally you will not only be more productive, you will be much happier.

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