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The Benefits of Video for Law Firm Marketing

In case you have not noticed, video is a very big deal on line. Youtube is the second most popular search engine on the planet and video results are regularly appearing on the first page of Google universal search.

If you have not found a way to leverage video as part of your law firm marketing plan, you better get with it. There is still time to use on line video as a competitive advantage for your law firm but you need to hurry.

In case you still have doubt about what video can do for your law firm marketing, take a look at these five benefits:

Video Creates a Natural Relationship Between You and Your Prospective Client

Video (particularly on-line video) gives the viewer the sense they are having a one-on-one conversation with you. This intimate experience builds trust and it can help people get a good feeling about you.

Television personalities talk about this all the time. Millions of people think they are friends with Oprah and Jay Leno because they watch them on television and they feel as though the celebrities are speaking directly to them. This effect is magnified on the Internet because of the “on demand” nature of the communication. You can have a conversation with your client every time he pushes the play button.

Video is a Passive Visual Media

People are lazy. Reading is a visual media but it is an active media. The reader has to actually do something in order to receive your message. With video, the viewer only needs to click the play button and they can receive you message immediately. They do not have to expend any energy. It requires little effort.

Demonstrations are Easy

If you want to demonstrate a concept or encourage people to take notes or present a graphic, video is the way to go. It can help you involve your audience in a way that other forms of media cannot.

You can easily engage three senses of each viewer. They can see you on video, they can hear your audio and they can take notes (if you encourage them to do so by using slides and graphics).

You Can Be More Persuasive

When you do a video presentation people can feel your passion. They can see the expression on your face and they can hear your voice inflection. This is the next best thing to actually being in front of them live. You can be at your persuasive best in a video and you can do it over again if you are not happy with the way you present your case.

As you can tell, I am a big proponent of the use of video as a tool in a law firm marketing plan. I use it myself. If you need help with law firm marketing give me a call. But if you want a turnkey way get into video, visit Gerry Oginski at Lawyers Video Studio. He offers a great service that will get you started with online video without lifting a finger.

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