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The Basics of Video Marketing for Lawyers

We have enlisted the help of Video Master Gerry Oginski to help lawyers learn how to shoot video. Gerry gives you a terrific overview on how to set up a video shot that will look great and engage the audience.

This is the perfect starter video for the lawyer who wants to get started with video but doesn’t know how to begin.

I encourage everyone to visit to learn more. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you must give Gerry a call. He has everything from one stop solutions to a distance learning program that will help even the novice attract clients with ease. His phone number is: 516-487-8207  


Thanks very much to Gerry Oginski for taking the time to make this video for us. We really appreciate it.

By the way, Gerry is also an OUTSTANDING New York Personal Injury Attorney. You can find his law firm information at:

There is a video about a great case he recently won right on his law firm’s home page. I encourage you to check it out and call Gerry with any questions. His phone number again is: 516-487-8207

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