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Rule Number One: Law Firm Marketing is Not About You

One of the biggest mistakes I see attorneys make with law firm marketing is they make it about them. Law firm marketing is not about you. It is always about the client.

Imagine this scenario:

You go to a party and you sit down next to someone you just met. They immediately launch into giving you their resume. They tell you about the jobs they have held. They tell you about the things they have accomplished. They tell you where they went to school. Then they hand you a business card, ask you to call them and they walk away.

How likely would you be to call that person for ANY reason?

As preposterous as this seems it happens all the time with law firm marketing. As an example, look at most law firm websites. Almost all of them take this approach.

A better alternative is to begin with an empathetic outreach and then take an educational approach. Make sure the client knows that you understand what he is feeling and then help him learn how he can solve his problem.

While this may seem unconventional (it is not directly promoting your law firm) it is highly effective. Remember the old adage: People do not care what you know until they know what you care.

This should be rule number one in law firm marketing.

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