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Relax and Be Better At Attorney Marketing

So what does relaxation have to with attorney marketing?

When you are relaxed and free from stress you are more focused and more creative. Focus and creativity are key components to successful attorney marketing. Anything you can do to increase your focus and creativity will definitely help you not be a better marketer, but it will help you be a better lawyer.

One of the best ways to regain you balance and focus is to take a vacation. In this video, Dave Lorenzo expert in attorney marketing, shares his five tips for getting the most out of your next vacation. Dave’s five tips for maximum relaxation on vacation include:

1). No Cell Phone: There is absolutely no reason to take your cell phone with you on vacation. Your clients should be given the name and phone number of a lawyer who is covering for you. This lawyer should have the capability of handling any issues that arise. As king as you have this arrangement in place, there is no reason to take a cell phone.

2). No Email: The reasoning behind this is the same as the cell phone. You don’t need to be in touch with anyone while you are away. As long as someone is covering for you, you should feel free to shut down the email.

3). Do Not Watch or Read The News: There is no reason to watch or read any news reports. If something really bad happens, believe me, you will find out. News reports by their nature are designed to be negative. You do not need this running your vacation.

4) Take a Long Walk Each Day: Walking is excellent for relaxation. It also gives you time to think. Spending some quality alone time will definitely enhance your vacation experience.

5). No Rules: Do not restrict yourself in any way. Your vacation is about having fun and recharging your batteries. Do not add stress to it by imposing unnecessary rules upon yourself.

A well timed vacation can be a major asset to your law firm and to attorney marketing. If you want to make sure you remain happy and healthy for the long run, you need to schedule time to recharge and relax.

Use your vacation time and use it wisely. You will be glad you did.

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