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Opportunity often show up disguised as work. This is especially with law form marketing. Not long ago we discussed people who gave up opportunities to grow their business during the slow time that typically surrounds holidays. Well that kind of attitude is found year round with people who are trying to make a quick buck.

Marketing is about developing relationships. That required good, old fashioned work. You must be prepared to put the time and effort into law firm marketing if you want to be successful.

Are you ready to go to work attracting clients?

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Managing by committee is like choosing death by 1000 cuts. It is slow, painful and you wind up with a horrible end result.

Someone has to be ultimately responsible for the decisions. Someone must be held accountable. Committees are fine if they are advisory. But ultimately, all major decisions should have a single decision-maker.

This video provides more detail:

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There are rules for everything these days. In fact, most professionals have rules you have to follow in order to work with them. Yet lawyers never seem to make rules for themselves when it comes to clients, payment and acceptable behavior/participation.

If you run your own law firm you get to make the rules. Period.

The key lies in not only establishing the rules but also in enforcing the rules. Legal marketing requires consistency. Run your law firm how ever you would like just be legal, more and ethical and consistent.

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Why do most of us have trouble asking for money?

No matter how good your legal marketing is, if you don’t get paid, you will be unhappy.

Since most of our clients have trouble asking for money, particularly when the client is required to pay for the service up front, we decided to make this video. Use these tips to help you ask for money and get paid faster.

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Law firm marketing is often made more difficult by impending events. The Fourth of July holiday week in The United States is a difficult time to get in touch with anyone. This time of year, the Christmas/Holiday Season and the end of the calendar year is also a difficult time to try to coordinate law firm marketing activity.

So what are you supposed to do when you can’t get in touch with anyone?

We have a few ideas. This video describes five things you can do during the “Slacker Season”.

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This is the legal marketing habit number 5. This is the fifth installment in a series of videos about how your daily habits can impact your overall legal marketing plan. Our previous video covered your daily expression of gratitude.

There are some day-to-day networking activities that can make a huge difference in your legal marketing. Follow these tips and you will be amazed at the difference it makes in to your law firm.

In this video we cover how your day-to-day networking can impact your legal marketing. If you hate networking or you are bad at networking, this video is a must see.

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This video is the fourth in a series of daily habits that will help you improve your legal marketing. Our previous video covered the habit of eating with a client, prospective client or referral source every day.

Gratitude and legal marketing are not two things you often hear mentioned together. Expressing your gratitude can make a big difference in your legal marketing. Taking stock of the things in your life that are good will help you feel good. When you feel good you project an attitude of confidence and success. This makes you more attractive to clients, prospective clients and referral sources.

This video explains:

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This video is the third video in a series designed to help you make your legal marketing more effective. Our previous video covered making one valuable phone call each day.

Each day you eat three meals and most often you do not think of those times as legal marketing opportunities. Each meal period offers you an opportunity to sit down with a client, prospective client or referral source and get to know him/her better.

This video explains why this is such an important daily marketing habit.

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This is the second part in a five part series designed to help you improve your legal marketing. The previous video was about mastering the psychology of the handwritten note.

Today’s daily habit is commonsense but most people do not exercise common sense when it comes to legal marketing. One of the most effective actions you can take each and every single day is to pick up the phone and call someone. Do not call just anyone. Call a former client or someone who has referred you business.

This video provides more detail.

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Great legal marketing depends, in large part, upon the habits you develop. During the course of the next five days we will be introducing and discussing five key habits that can make a huge difference in your legal marketing.

Today’s habit is: Mastering the Psychology of the Handwritten Note

Handwritten notes are a fantastic way to connect with new clients or referral sources or to recognize and engage existing clients or referral sources.