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If you want to grow your law firm you must spend a good portion of your time working on legal marketing.

The challenge comes in managing the time and money you spend on legal marketing.

There are two things that can help you manage these precious resources and use them efficiently and effectively.

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There is a formula for creating great legal marketing copy and you do not have to be a world class copywriter to implement it.

The formula is simple: Spend 60 percent of your time (and words) making an emotional connection with your target audience. Spend 40 percent of your time providing valuable educational information.

This video explains the 60/40 split for legal marketing copy creation.

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A big challenge I hear from lawyers about legal marketing is finding the time to focus on client attraction.

Have you ever wondered why some people are so much more productive than other people?

We all have the same 24 hour day to work with yet some people get more things done in 24 hours than others.

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Where do your best new clients come from?

If you are like most of the lawyers I know, your best clients come from referrals. Any time someone says nice things about you and takes the time to make a personal introduction to a prospective client, the relationship is going to be off to a good start.

Do you receive as many referrals as you should?

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There are four relationships that are of critical importance to attorney marketing. Each of them are critical in their own right, but when you look at them together you realize that these four relationships impact every aspect of your working life.

These four relationships are:

  • Your relationship with Time
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One of the problems with making a resolution for the new year is sticking with them. This is particularly true when the resolutions involve law firm marketing.

In this video conversation we discuss how to stick with those pesky New Year’s Resolutions and goals for longer than the next 30 days.

Best wishes for a happy, healthy and successful 2011.

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In the past few years legal marketing experts have popped up all over the place. If you are thinking of hiring a legal marketing expert you may want to follow this link to a video I posted about the charlatans that have recently infiltrated the ranks of legal marketing consultants.

If you do not want to spend the time to do your homework (and you should) before you hire a legal marketing expert, than I have a solid litmus test you can apply to anyone who claims they can help you attract clients for your law firm.

This is a concept borrowed directly from a Cognitive Behavioral Psychologist and made famous by Author Malcolm Gladwell. It is called the Theory of 10,000 Hours. Here is a video that explains how to apply this theory to hiring a legal marketing expert.

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You should always listen to feedback provided by your clients. Listening to people who pay you money is always a good idea.

There are however some people to whom you should pay absolutely no attention whatsoever. Those people include:

  • People who will never work with you
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Every dollar spent on law firm marketing should return at least a dollar in profit. Most lawyers understand this concept called: Return on Investment.

What most lawyers (and most businesspeople) do not understand is that there is also a return on investment associated with your time.

Think about it: Your time is a perishable product. You will never be able to use the last 3 minutes again. You must invest your time wisely. This means you must receive a return on your investment of your time.

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