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Niche Marketing For Lawyers Defined

Targeting a specific niche is one of the most valuable marketing strategies a law firm can employ. Contrary to popular belief this is not about restricting your law firm to practicing only in one area of the law. This is however about targeting your marketing to one specific group at a time.

In other words, you are going to be tailoring your marketing message to the specific groups of people who are the intended recipients. But this should go well beyond a simple message to market match. This is about tailoring everything you do to meet the needs and desires of that market. All of your marketing must speak to their pain.

There are a few different ways to select a niche market for your law firm.

The first way is to select a niche by industry. This means you focus on helping people in a specific industry with specific challenges. There are attorneys who focus on the advertising industry or on the telecommunications industry for example. My all-time favorite is the guy here in Florida who is an expert in helping people who have insurance claims stemming from termite infestation.

Another way to select a niche market is by specific matter. I have a client who markets himself as an expert in Manager Service Agreements. I have another client who focuses exclusively on DUI cases; I work with a third person who only handles cases with goods seized by United States Customs officials.

A third way to select a niche is by focusing on a hobby or subculture. The idea here is to find people with some form of commonality and leverage that in your marketing. For example: You could market your law firm directly to bikers or directly to people from a certain country.

Selecting a niche market is a great way to establish marketing dominance.

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