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Media Selection is Critical in Attorney Advertising

Many attorneys advertise where all of their competitors advertise. The use the telephone book, television, billboards, etc. They do this because they don’t know any better. Selecting media for your attorney advertising is critical. If done right it can be a competitive advantage. This video explains why.

Here are some guidelines for selecting media for attorney advertising:

EVERYBODY is not your ideal client. Select a target market and find out what they read. What they listen to. What they watch on television. What websites they visit on the internet. Selecting a target market will make your media selection easier.

Go where your clients go. You want to select a form a media that your clients use. For example: If you target dentists as clients for your transactional practice, you should advertise in dental trade magazines.

Take a direct response approach. Make an offer in your advertising. Give away a free report or a free audio CD. Force people to identify themselves as prospects.

Never run an ineffective ad a second time. If something doesn’t work, doing more of it will not get you better results. Never do something that doesn’t work the same way a second time.

Attorney advertising can work if it is done the right way. Focus on your ideal client and this will help you determine which media to select.

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