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Make An Offer in Your Law Firm Marketing

Every piece of law firm marketing should always have an offer. This means that in every ad, in every direct mail letter, on every website and in every law firm marketing email, you must have a call to action. This video explains.

A call to action is simply a phrase or a paragraph that tells the reader or viewer what to do, when to do it and why they should do it.
We always advise our clients to use a free report as their call to action. Here are some examples:

An immigration attorney who is looking to attract Human Resources executives from major corporations can offer a free report on the three reasons to file an “H” visa now.

A probate attorney can offer a free report to affluent investors on the five ways to protect your wealth in the new economy.

A criminal defense attorney can offer a free report on the three ways to respond to a traffic ticket.

There are hundreds of different topics to use as a reason for people to get in touch with you. Creating a free report and including a call to action is part of the basics of law firm marketing.

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