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Legal Marketing Systems are Key to Success

Every lawyer and law firm needs legal marketing systems in order to be successful over the long term. Systems protect you from being overwhelmed by the day-to-day kayos of running a law firm. Marketing systems help drive clients to your door even while you are buried in your current legal work. This video details three kinds of systems every attorney should include in his legal marketing.

Lead Generation System

I know this term sounds like a sales term. That’s because it is a sales term. Legal marketing can often be about selling a prospective client on solving his problem NOW. This is what a lead generation system does. If can be as simple as a box on your website where a prospective client can request a free report or it can be a paid educational seminar you host once each month.

Every attorney needs to have a systematic way to develop interest in the problems he can solve. This is a significant part of legal marketing.

Follow-Up System

Whenever you meet someone you should log their information into your database and follow up with them. This follow-up can be as simple as sending a hand written note or as intricate as sending them a monthly greeting card. Follow-up is critical and your legal marketing plan should include a system to help you manage it.

Content Management System

As a legal marketing expert you will produce a significant amount of educational content. This information will be used multiple times in multiple vehicles. You need a way to manage this content. You need to be able to determine which articles are appropriate for which audience. Your content management system helps you do this. It is essential for your success.

These are just three of the many systems that can help keep you organized and help keep the legal marketing going while you are busy with multiple matters. Develop these systems now so that you can keep the work coming while you are managing your legal work load.

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