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Legal Marketing Strategy: Alternative Billing

It is ridiculous that hourly billing is so firmly implanted in the minds of lawyers that anytime billing is not done that way it is considered ALTERNATIVE. Legal marketing should help you create a relationship with your clients and it should help you stand out from the crowd. This video explains what I mean.

Hourly billing makes you a commodity. It also puts your services on par with folks who punch a time clock for a living. (There’s nothing wrong with that kind of work but that’s probably not what you had in mind when you went to law school.) It forces the client to find ways to minimize his interaction with you because he knows that every ten minutes the meter clicks and he has to pay more. In short, it promotes an environment of distrust.

In case you have not guessed by now, my approach to legal marketing is to get you to do things that are different and better than everyone else. Billing is a great way to differentiate your law firm. There are dozens of different ways to bill clients. Isn’t it time you came up with a few?

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