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Legal Marketing: Stories Help You Get More Referrals

There is a technique that my clients use to help them get more referrals. It works like a charm because it is designed to help your clients and prospects think of people they know who may be your ideal client. This video describes how it works and how to use it.

Whenever you sit down with someone you get into the conversation by bringing up their business. This is easily done by asking them how they get most of their clients. Once they answer say something like:

“That’s really interesting. I get most of my clients by word of mouth. You know, a past client tells a friend or colleague about me. It’s funny but I have found that the most difficult thing about getting these referrals is getting people into the right mindset.”

Then ask the person you are with to think of a time when they met someone famous. Have them recall the event in detail. After they tell you about that event, ask them if they know someone who has the qualities you are looking for. For example:

Real estate attorneys would ask something like:
“Do you know someone who is looking for a new house?” or “Do you by any chance know someone who is a Real Estate agent?”

Business transactional attorneys would ask something like:
“Do you know a business owner who is really successful?”

Probate attorneys would ask something like: “Do you know a good accountant?”

The story you have the person tell in the beginning of this process helps their brain get into the mode of remembering people from their past. Once they are in that mental state they are more likely to remember other people when you prompt them.

In order to get referrals, you need to ask. Sometimes when you ask you will get a blank stare. If you ask using this technique, you are more likely to better quality referrals in the future.

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