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Legal Marketing Secret Revealed: Scarcity Attracts Clients

There is a feeling within the legal community that an attorney needs to be available to his clients 24 hours per day seven days per week. The common thinking is that this availability will help the attorney land more clients. Many attorneys structure their legal marketing in line with this belief. This is not true as this video explains.

The people who want you to be available to them 24/7 are usually not going to be the best clients. They are hiring an employee and not a trusted advisor. Of course, if you want to be an employee, you can sleep with your mobile phone under your pillow. Otherwise you should focus on limiting your availability to people who are clients. You should only allow perspective clients to have access to you at a time of your choosing.

Here’s why:

People want what they can’t have. In any relationship people will find someone more attractive if their availability is limited. This is human nature. Think about a dating relationship where you were really attracted to the other person or in going on your college interview process. In both cases you probably thought the other party didn’t want you or need you…and it drove you toward them.

Scarcity stimulates curiosity. People begin to wonder why you don’t want to see them immediately. This curiosity drives them to find out more about you and your law firm. It will make some people obsessed with retaining you no matter what.

They immediately assign a higher value to your time. People think: “This guy must be good if he is this busy.” This thinking will help you when the prospect becomes a client because they will not only pay a premium for your services they will also be focused and direct when they do have time with you. Can you think of two better qualities for a client?

Allow your competitors to offer 24/7 access. They are desperate. Your legal marketing will position you to be the choice of a more discerning clientele. It will also signal that you are too busy to deal with people who will waste your time.

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