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Legal Marketing: Pay No Attention

You should always listen to feedback provided by your clients. Listening to people who pay you money is always a good idea.

There are however some people to whom you should pay absolutely no attention whatsoever. Those people include:

  • People who will never work with you
  • People who compete with you
  • People who have philosophical differences with you
  • People who are envious of what you have achieved

Most of the folks on the list above are not going to give you a fair evaluation of your services.

This video explains:

In addition to having their objectivity clouded, the folks who make up the list of people who are willing to give worthless feedback, are also unqualified to give you an opinion.

Think about it:

You went to law school. You have been practicing law in your area of focus for several years. Are you going to accept feedback from someone who is unqualified and has never even experienced your service?

Here’s the bottom line: Listen to clients. Listen to industry experts who have worked with other successful lawyers. Listen to successful lawyers. When it comes to legal marketing, ignore everyone else.

You will be better off.

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