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Legal Marketing: Model Behavior

One of the questions I receive most often from people who are new to legal marketing is about learning what to do. People will say things like: “Joe is a great networker. I wish I could work a room like him.”

The truth is, you can work a room, or write outstanding marketing copy, or do anything else just like the people who do it best. To do so, you use a technique (applied here to legal marketing) known as behavioral modeling. This video explains:

This is not about copying the actions of others. And I don’t advocate that you model the behavior of unsuccessful people. This technique is about modeling the behavior of highly successful individuals – the people who are at the top of their profession.

In legal marketing, select the top two or three people in your practice area from around the country and study their marketing. Examine what they are doing. Look at the methods they use to execute their legal marketing strategy and adopt the aspects of their legal marketing that work for you.

Creating your own specific action items takes time and requires testing. If someone has already taken the time to implement and test something, learn from them. Implement the things they have successfully done and you will enjoy similar success.

Note: If you implement tactics that have failed when others tried them, you will experience the same failure unless you correct the mistakes the other person has made. DO NOT MODEL THE BEHAVIOR OF UNSUCCESSFUL PEOPLE.

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