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Legal Marketing: How to Get Quoted in the Media

One of the best ways to get a credibility boost is to be quoted in the media as an expert. This is an excellent legal marketing strategy. It is difficult to gain that expert status but once you do, you become a “go to” person for reporters, editors and producers doing stories in your area of focus.

Here are some steps you can today toward gaining expert status with the media:

First: Have mastery of a topic of interest to the media.

This is critical. The media must need an expert in your field. A local criminal defense attorney commenting on a big national case is a good example. An intellectual property attorney commenting on the legality of a hot new product is great for national cable exposure. A business transactional attorney discussing company structure in a challenging economy is might be a valuable expert to a business reporter.

Next: Write a couple of articles on the topics of interest you have identified. Make the articles concise and compelling (no more than 500 words). Include quotes from relevant sources and make sure you put your own byline on it. (A byline is your name and a sentence about you).

Third: Find reporters, editors or producers who cover your area of focus. Often you can look on the inside cover of a magazine or newspaper (called the masthead) and find which reporters are assigned to specific topic areas.

Send these reporters copies of your articles. It’s probably a good idea to add them to your newsletter list (print newsletter only no unsolicited email).

Finally: Follow up with a phone call to the reporter. Make sure you can demonstrate the value of this story in 2 minutes or less. If the reporter declines to discuss it, ask them to keep your information on file for similar matters in the future.

Double Secret Tip: Research the reporter on LinkedIn. See you can find a common connection to introduce you. This may not help get your idea worked into a story but it will help you get the reporter’s attention in the future.

Getting quoted in the media is a great strategy that should definitely be part of your legal marketing plan.

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