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Legal Marketing Daily Habit 2: Pick Up The Phone

This is the second part in a five part series designed to help you improve your legal marketing. The previous video was about mastering the psychology of the handwritten note.

Today’s daily habit is commonsense but most people do not exercise common sense when it comes to legal marketing. One of the most effective actions you can take each and every single day is to pick up the phone and call someone. Do not call just anyone. Call a former client or someone who has referred you business.

This video provides more detail.

Reaching out to call someone is a way to reestablish the bond you had when you worked on their matter or when they referred something to you. This bond is powerful and when you combine this phone call with our follow-up system you will be amazed at how many referrals start coming your way.

This conversation needs to only last about fifteen minutes but the sole purpose of your call should be to “check in” with the person and see how they are doing.

Important Note: If you get voice mail when you are calling people to reconnect with them YOU MUST leave a message. It is important that you leave a message stating that you were calling to catch up with them and see how they are doing. These messages with also help your relationships but do not stop until you get someone on the phone. Have this conversation with one person each day and you will be amazed at the growth of your referrals.

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