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Legal Marketing: Boost Your Personal Brand

Clients may write their checks to law firms but they hire lawyers. What they see when the meet you is your personal brand. In legal marketing your personal brand is your character. You can improve your standing in the eyes of your client if you admit when you are wrong. This is a hidden secret of legal marketing.

I know this is not something you include in your legal marketing plan. This is not something that you advertise. This is not something you are going to talk about at cocktail parties. But IT IS something your clients will talk about. It does speak volumes about your character. It definitely helps define who you are in the eyes of your client.

When you look in the mirror you need to like what you see. When you clients look at you, they see what you show them. If you show them you are mature enough to admit when you are wrong, they will be more willing to invest in a continuing relationship with you.

Remember, the client always gets the final vote and he votes with his wallet.

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