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Legal Marketing and the Three Personality Types

There are three different kinds of lawyers in the world today. They are differentiated by their personality. Each of them can be successful but some are better at legal marketing than others. This video explains.

The Counselor

This is the lawyer who spends 80%-90% of his time working on the matter at hand. He loves the detail. He loves to dig into the issues. Time goes by rapidly for him when he is focused on writing a brief or putting together a contract.

The Counselor is best at handing complex legal work. Spending time writing marketing copy or going to networking events does not interest him. He will do it because he feels he has to do it.

The Counselor needs to partner with someone who likes to develop business. He needs to work with an Expert or a Rainmaker if he is going to own a law firm.

The Expert

This person spends 50% of his time working in the law. He also spends 50% of his time developing business. He has developed a market niche so he can command a fee premium when he does legal work.

The Expert must hire people to work for him. He needs an associate or a paralegal to do some of the “non-expert” work. He needs to be a good manager as he has significant responsibilities. He must be excellent at delegation.

The Rainmaker

The Rainmaker spends 80%-90% of his time developing relationships. He does not do much legal work. He is a visionary. He MUST partner with a Counselor or an Expert or he will be sunk. The Rainmaker often cannot manage and he doesn’t want to do the legal work.

The ideal law firm has all three of these people as partners. But you don’t need to have all three to be successful. You just need to recognize which personality you have, leverage your ability, and then hire others to compensate for areas where you need assistance.

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