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Legal Marketing and the Million Dollar Mindset

The reason most attorneys in small law firms don’t bill seven figures or more each year is right between their ears. They have mentally conditioned themselves to believe that they are not a million dollar lawyer. This video explains.

If you want to explore your full potential as a lawyer you must adopt a mindset that will allow you to grow beyond your expectations. Here are some of the mental changes you need to make:

Being a good lawyer is the minimum standard. Many attorneys think that being a good lawyer is a legal marketing strategy. It is not. It is a minimum standard necessary to attract and retain good clients.

Accept the fact that you can’t do all the work yourself. This is difficult for many people to do. You went to law school to learn how to practice law. You didn’t go to law school to learn how to run a business. Yet the law is a business and a profession. If you want to grow beyond your own personal capacity to complete work, you must hire other people to work on legal matters. You can still handle some cases but others will handle the bulk of the legal work.

Delegate all the administrative work that bogs you down. The only administrative tasks you should retain are signing the checks and taking the deposit to the bank. Everything else should be delegated to others.

Spend 50% of your time (or more) on client acquisition strategy and marketing. This is something many attorneys who grow beyond their wildest imagination have done. They spend at least half of their time positioning themselves and their law firm.

I realize this is a departure from conventional thinking. But conventional thinking is what most people do. If you want the results that most people get, then follow the crowd. If you want exceptional results you have to think like and exceptional person and take exceptional action.

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