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Legal Marketing and Ethics Rules

At Rainmaker Lawyer Consulting we work with attorneys all over the world. The most restrictive place of any we have ever seen, in terms of law firm marketing, is Florida. The Florida Bar has very stringent Attorney Advertising rules and they enforce them. Many of our Florida clients despise these rules. They believe they restrict their ability to build their firm. Many of them feel that the rules affect their right to free speech.

Regardless of what you think of these ethics rules, they exist for the protection of the client. They may be a bit out of hand but their intent is not to restrict business.

Working within these rules is no problem for a smart legal marketing expert. Most of our clients are highly effective at marketing not matter what the rules are.


Because we practice relationship-based educational marketing. We do not ask our clients to act like used car salespeople. This video provides more detail:

If you want to attract more clients you must first understand that the law is a relationship business. If you develop a good relationship with your referral sources, they will send clients to you in droves. If you maintain relationships with your past clients, they will refer your new clients.

If you put the relationship first in your marketing you will never have a need to worry about any ethics rules because that is the most ethical thing you can do.

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