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Legal Marketing and Delegation

If you are serious about creating a legal marketing plan that keeps your law firm full, you need to learn how to delegate. Delegation is as necessary in legal marketing as it is in any aspect of business. This video provides you with five steps to effective delegation.

Step One: Tell Them Why

If you want someone to do a good job with a task, you must explain why that task is important. You want the person inheriting the task to emotionally invest in it. Telling them why the task is important is the first step in getting them emotionally invested.

Step Two: Define the Ideal Outcome

What is the goal? Help the person picture the results you desire. If they can see it, they can do it. Giving the assignee a clear picture of the finished product. This is critical to getting the task completed properly.

Step Three: Provide Recommended Steps

Give the person handling the task some initial guidance without micro managing them. Getting them started is important. Offering them some initial ideas is often helpful.

Step Four: Observe and Provide Constructive Feedback

Staying involved in the project (as an observer) in the early going is a good idea. Offering the benefit of your experience can be helpful. Make sure you keep all feedback constructive. Once you have delegated the task you want to be sure to focus on the outcome and not on the steps in the process.

Step Five: Check on Progress Periodically

Make sure you remain accessible to the person who has taken this task off of your plate. You want to be available as a resource in case they have questions. Checking in with the person who has the assignment is a good idea.

One of the keys to legal marketing success is to delegate as many tasks as possible to people who are qualified to handle them. Use this guide to get started.

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