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Legal Marketing Action Makes All the Difference

There is one thing that separates successful lawyers from those who are not successful. That one thing is action.

One of the things I have noticed about attorneys who have built lifestyle law firms, that means they have built law firms that deliver high quality clients with matters that allow them to do their best work, is that they take some form of action each and every single day to improve their law firm.

That’s every day. They do something, even if it is just one thing. They make it a habit.
Here are a few examples of ways you can take daily action to build a lifestyle law firm:

Make a Phone Call

One phone call every day can make a big difference in your client attraction ability. You can call a former client and ask for an introduction to someone he knows. You can call a colleague and remind him what you do. You can call an event planner and ask about upcoming speaking engagements.

Making one phone call each day means you have made 30 of these calls each month. Do you think, after making 30 calls, you could find a couple of people who would hire you? I do.

Write a Handwritten Note

Each day you should write one note to someone thanking them for something. Even on the worst day, you can find someone to thank. The recipient can be a waiter in a restaurant, the receptionist in the dentist office, your friend’s brother who sent you a case.

This process does two things: First: If forces you to approach life from a mindset of gratitude. This is a positive emotion and it makes you more attractive. Second: It helps keep you connected to at least one additional person. This means you will have an opportunity to get at least one more referral.

Include your business card in the thank you note, just in case.

Send an Email

These days most people communicate by email. If you want to reach reporters, politicians, people who travel or people in different time zones, I encourage you to send them an email. Reaching out to a different person each day using this media is helpful because it will get an immediate response (if they choose to respond).

Keep in mind that email should be no different in structure than regular mail. The topic, tone and timing should all be focused on the world of the recipient.

Go to Lunch

Every day you must eat lunch. Do not eat alone. Invite someone who can help you build your law firm to have lunch with you. One day this can be a referral source. Another day this can be a reporter. Another day this can be a person involved in a charitable organization that you have an interest in joining. Lunchtime should be marketing time.

These are four everyday actions you can take to grow your law firm and develop good law firm marketing habits. These are the basics. There are more advanced strategies that are available to help you grow your law firm more quickly. For those strategies visit:

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