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Lawyer Marketing and Differentiation on the Internet

Most lawyer websites look similar. It seems as if each lawyer marketing his services went to the Same-Old-Same-Old School of web design. The content is all about the attorney. The pages are dull and drab. And there is no way to tell one from the other. This video gives you three ways to change that.

There are three easy ways to use the Internet to differentiate your law firm from your competitors. They are:

Use Video

Video is a great tool for building relationships. Think of yourself as the Oprah of your specific market niche. Oprah covers topics that interest people and she weaves them into compelling stories. You should do that with video on your website. A short compelling video each week will do wonders for your visitor numbers.

Provide Useful and Interesting Information

Your website should not be all about you or your law firm. It should provide educational content that helps people solve problems. It should be an informative resource. Prospective clients should want to come to your website because the content is outstanding.

Make Sure Your Website Matches Your Personality

The content should reflect who you are. It should have some personality. The cardinal sin of marketing is being boring. Make sure your website design, its content and the tone are all good representations of you and your approach to life and the law.

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