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Law Firm Marketing: Three Qualities of a Prospective Client

Every law firm has an ideal client. The marketing your law firm does should be specifically designed to attract and capture that person. This video contains the three essential qualities of a prospective client – regardless of the focus of your practice.

The three essential qualities of a client are:


Your client should be able to pay your fee. Yes, you can do some pro bono work. But your practice is a business. You have to be able to feed your family. Your law firm marketing must attract people who can pay your fee.

The Authority and the Ability to Make a Decision

Your ideal client must be the person with the authority and the ability to say “yes” or “no” to working with you. You can have dozens of meetings with people who can influence the decision but ultimately you want to work with the decision maker.

A Problem You Can Solve

Your client must have a problem that you can solve. This means he must have an issue within your area of specialty.

If someone possesses those qualities and they walk into your office, they have met the minimum criteria for doing business with you. They may not be the ideal client, but they are a qualified prospect. Having a conversation with them is a worthy investment of your time.

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