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Law Firm Marketing: The Big Lie

There is one big lie that a handful of people perpetuate about law firm marketing. This is the mentality that if you are a good lawyer law firm marketing is not necessary. I hear this all the time. People say: “Just be a good lawyer and word will get out.” That is simply not true. There are thousands of good lawyers in the United States today who are broke.

Whether you like it or not, the law is a business. If you do not have a marketing effort your business will fail. That is a fact. It is certain.

The law is also a profession. This means you cannot market your business in the same way other businesses market. You have a responsibility to protect the integrity of the profession while you aggressively look to grow you business.

Law firm marketing is about developing and deepening relationships. If you view marketing in that light, you will never go afoul of any attorney marketing rules. Simply use good commonsense and good business sense and develop relationships through marketing.


There are two important elements in relationship development (law firm marketing). The first is trust. You need to establish an environment of trust with your prospective clients and with people who may refer business to you. Without trust there is no law firm.

The second element is respect. If your clients do not respect you, they will not hire you. If your referral sources do not respect you they will not send business your way.
These two elements are essential to your success. You cannot have your face on the side of a bus and be respected. You will look like a clown. You cannot go on television and make a fool of yourself and be taken seriously.

When these two elements are missing everyone has issues with law firm marketing. But this doesn’t mean that law firm marketing as a whole is bad or wrong.

Keep this in mind the next time you hear someone say, “Just be a good lawyer and the clients will come.” This is a big lie. They will not unless you develop a relationship with them.

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