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Law Firm Marketing ROI of Your Time

Every dollar spent on law firm marketing should return at least a dollar in profit. Most lawyers understand this concept called: Return on Investment.

What most lawyers (and most businesspeople) do not understand is that there is also a return on investment associated with your time.

Think about it: Your time is a perishable product. You will never be able to use the last 3 minutes again. You must invest your time wisely. This means you must receive a return on your investment of your time.

This video explains this concept in greater detail.

The choice is yours. You can waste your time or you can invest it doing things you think will provide you with an adequate return on your investment.

When it comes to law firm marketing, it is important to remember that the investment of your time will extend well beyond any initial marketing activity.

For example: Attending a networking meeting means investing about 2 hours, initially. However, if you meet five potential referral sources and you want them to send you clients in the future, you must invest additional time in each of them. If you invest 10 hours in writing to, dining with and socializing with each of those five contacts, you must receive a return on investment equal to 50 hours of your time.

Keep this return on investment equation in mind whenever you are focusing on your law firm marketing initiatives.

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