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Law Firm Marketing Making Great Video

Many people have asked me about shooting videos and getting them on line. The questions I receive fall into two categories:

Process – How do you do it?

Content – What do you say?

Let’s briefly talk about each of those areas.


People regularly ask me about the process of making and publishing video as a part of their law firm marketing plan. If they want equipment and process oriented specifics, I tell them to call Gerry Oginski at Lawyers Video Studio. He will help you get started quickly.

But if you want to try video out to see if it is right for you, simply go to your local electronics store and get a Flip Camera. You can push the red button and get going in about five minutes.

In my case, I use a Flip for my daily videos and I use a Kodak Zi8 for the DVDs I record for my clients. The difference is that the Zi8 allows me to plug in a microphone. I also have a small backdrop I use for my YouTube videos. This helps keep my firm name and website in front of my viewers.

Keep in mind that I am focused on delivering great content and not so much on the appearance of the video. I am simply using video as a different media to get my message through to my clients and prospective clients.


Content Development

There is an acronym I like to use when describing how to create great content for any educational program in your law firm marketing plan. The acronym is P.O.K.E. It stands for Personality, Opinion, Knowledge and Entertainment. This acronym is particularly relevant to video in law firm marketing.

Let’s take a look at each element of the P.O.K.E. acronym and see how it applies to our objectives with video.


You must be yourself in your law firm marketing videos. If you try to be overly stuffy or if you try to imitate a celebrity you may have seen on television, you will look foolish. Just act natural and do not come off as over-acting.


Your clients and future clients want your opinion. They want to hear what you have to say and they want to know where you stand on controversial issues. They will respect your opinion but first they have to know what it is. Do not be shy about sharing your thoughts with them.


Demonstrate your knowledge to your audience. Do not do this in a showy way. Simply discuss the issues using the facts and you will come off as smart and knowledgeable on the subject matter.


People must want to watch your video. You should be at least mildly entertaining. If being entertaining is not in your personality, try your best not to annoy or talk down to the audience.

Law firm video should be just like having a conversation with a client. That is one of the main reasons I do not use post production editing in my videos. I think that a fancy opening or overly-produced music will wind up taking away from the experience. Just imagine a client walked into your office and asked you a question. Now push the camera button and answer it.

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