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Law Firm Marketing Follow Up Basics

There are few things more important to law firm marketing than follow up. Most of the clients you will attract will come to you from your follow up systems. Today we are going to talk about the basic elements of any follow up system in your law firm marketing plan.
There are five critical elements to any type of follow up community. These elements must all be present in order to effectively convey your message. Below are each of these elements with a brief description.

Frequency of Communication

The more often you communicate with someone the more likely they will be to trust you. Your follow up messages should be frequent and consistent. You cannot communicate with someone too frequently. Let me stress this point: You cannot communicate with someone too often. If your message contains the other elements listed below, and it is interesting, it will be welcomed.

Establish an Authoritative Tone

People want to be lead. In your field of expertise you should offer no apologies for taking and direct, authoritative tone. Let people know you are confident in your ability to help them. Do not be shy about helping people with the information you share.

Provide Educational Information

You must help the client or prospective client understand their situation. That often means giving them information to provide context. This information should be educational in nature and it should not be boring. Do you best to keep things simple but make sure the basics of the situation are understood.

Highlight the Pain

Most people do not have a strong enough sense of urgency. To help them take action you need to highlight the pain they will face if they do not take action. This is critical. They must WANT to avoid this pain. They must WANT to get as far away from it as possible.

All too often I hear people talk about what the client NEEDS to do. But if the client doesn’t WANT to do it, it will never happen.

Include a Strong Call to Action

You must also include actionable next steps in your communication to the client or prospective client. You must tell them what to do, when to do it and why they need to do it now. And then you should repeat it.

These elements can (and should) be included in your communication regardless of the vehicle used to convey the message. You will find these follow up elements in all forms of law firm marketing like: Direct mail, magazine or blog articles, speeches, workshops and seminars, media interviews, newsletters and many more.

Do not let a communication opportunity with an existing client or prospective client pass you buy. Make sure each of the follow up elements described in this law firm marketing video are included.

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