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Law Firm Marketing, Fees and Positioning

Your fees say more about you than words ever will. Law firm marketing will help position you but your fees ultimately will determine how you are viewed by your client. This video explains.

There are three ways you can be positioned in the mind of your client. Here is how you can be viewed:

As a Low End Lawyer

This is the lawyer who prices himself at the bottom of the market. This strategy appears desperate and it is based upon the (false) assumption that volume is a good thing. Lawyers who compete solely on price always end up overworked, burned out and unhappy. This is not a good law firm marketing strategy for the long run.

As an Average Lawyer

If you charge what everyone else charges you will look like everyone else. The exception to this rule is if you have other differentiating factors that will set you apart and you want to grow your share of the market. The “market share” strategy is only effective in the short term. Eventually, you competitors will copy your strategy and everyone will look the same again.

Choose this law firm marketing strategy carefully.

As a High End Lawyer with an Exclusive Clientele

You should differentiate yourself well and charge more than anyone else would ever dare to charge. Your law firm marketing must communicate a clear competitive advantage. You must overwhelm your client with service. You must be a good lawyer.
If all of these elements are in place, this is the best strategy of all.

Your law firm marketing must be reflective of the position you hold in the market. If you are a high end lawyer, you cannot advertise on bus stop benches and roadside billboards. Everything you say and do in your law firm marketing either helps or hurts your positioning. Keep that in mind as you make your marketing decisions.

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