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Law Firm Marketing: Choosing a Lawyer is an Emotional Decision

Have you ever wondered why a client chose another lawyer to handle their matter? Maybe they picked someone whose background and qualifications were not as impressive as yours. Maybe they picked someone who you believed did not provide the same value as your law firm. Selecting a lawyer is an emotional decision for a client. Your law firm marketing plan must include an appeal to the client’s emotions. The video below explains this in more detail.

Each of us has the freedom to select the food we eat. How come we don’t always pick the food that is the most nutritious? We don’t sit down and make a list of the positive and negative elements of a meal. We don’t examine the vitamin and mineral content of our food. We don’t consider the long term consequences of our dietary choices.


Because we want something this is going to fill us up and taste good. We are looking to satisfy a need. The same is true in selecting a lawyer. Clients make an emotional decision and they seek to support it with logical facts.

You can use this in your law firm marketing by appealing to the emotions of the client. Help the see that you understand their fear. Show them that you have the ability to connect with them. Help them feel as though their matter is the most important in the world to you, because it is to them.

If selecting something as important as nourishment is done with little or no logical effort, why would selecting a lawyer be different? Add emotion to your law firm marketing and it will become more effective.

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