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Law Firm Marketing And The Three Ways to Grow

There are only three ways to grow your law firm’s revenue. No matter how great your law firm marketing, the three ways do not change. This video explains.

Find More Clients

This is where most law firms focus their marketing. It is the first thing we all think of when we think about law firm marketing. This is just one way to grow your law firm.

More Work With Existing Clients

This is an often overlooked area. If you work in a consumer practice area (like divorce or criminal law) you will think it is a rare opportunity to work with repeat clients. There are many ways to leverage your relationships to make sure you source other needs and those needs are referred to others. They will, in turn, refer business back to you.

Raise Your Fees
This is the best way to grow your law firm revenue. You do the same amount of work for more money. This is truly a beautiful thing.

You law firm marketing should assist you with each of these three ways to grow your revenue. If it doesn’t, you should give me a call.

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