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Law Firm Marketing And The Power of Video

Law firm marketing is constantly evolving. Sometimes evolution can actually make things easier for small firms and solo practitioners. That is definitely the case with video. Many attorneys have begun to incorporate video into their law firm marketing plans. In the video below, we discuss the value and the power of incorporating video into your law firm marketing.

Incorporating video into your law firm marketing will help you in five specific ways:

First: Video helps create a relationship with the prospective client. Writing can be an effective way to do this but video is a more intimate media. When you record a video and someone watches it on their computer screen, the viewer feels as though they are having a conversation with you. This is the next best thing to having an actual conversation.

Next: You can establish an emotional connection with someone who watches a video. Since video involves two different senses (visual and auditory) it is a powerful way to connect with people. They can feel what you feel. If you are passionate about what you do, they will be passionate about engaging you.

Third: Video is excellent for educational purposes. If you want to help people learn about your area of focus, there is no better media than video. Think back to your days in school and you will recall the teacher standing in front of the room. This educational value (and the credibility that goes with it) is priceless.

Fourth: Search engines love video. Since we are still in the early stages of video as a marketing tool, search engines are learning how to deliver video results. Right now, video is receiving preferential treatment. A good video will be more highly ranked than an all text website if they are both optimized.

Finally: The viral aspect of video is not to be underestimated. Your videos can and will be passed along to others. This is a great way for people to learn about your services. Someone forwarding a link to one of your videos to someone else is like having that person make an introduction for you.

Video is not just the latest thing in law firm marketing; it is the future of law firm marketing. Start getting familiar with it and work it into your law firm marketing plan now.

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