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Law Firm Marketing and Special Reports

One of the strategies many attorneys apply in their law firm marketing is the use of special reports. Publishing your own special report is a great way to attract new clients and give them a sense of your expertise. This video outlines the value of a publishing a special report as a law firm marketing tool.

Special reports can be used in law firm marketing in the following ways:

They can help you generate leads on line. The best way to do this is to give the special report to website visitors in exchange for their email address and permission to send them educational information in the future.

Special reports are great give away items after a speech. You can offer your special report to people who have come to hear your speak. Simply collect business cards at an event and email the attendees your special report afterwards.

Use your special report as an introductory tool. Special reports make great marketing collateral. They are far better than brochures and they help reinforce your message with your prospective client.

Special reports are great positioning tools. Sending your special report to a prospective client before you meet with him is a great way to position yourself as an expert in the mind of the client.

Special reports are one of the most valuable tools in law firm marketing. I encourage you to find a way to work them into your marketing mix today.

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