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Law Firm Marketing and Publishing

There are few law firm marketing strategies that can have as significant an impact as becoming a published author. Writing a book and having it published will impact your credibility and your visibility, and it clearly differentiates you from everyone else in your field. This video explains.

Publishing a book also helps in the following ways:


As a published author you will receive speaking opportunities that are not available to other people. You can leverage these opportunities to build your database of contacts. This will help you get more business in the long run. If speaking is a part of your law firm marketing plan, becoming a published author will help you.


The media loves authors. With a little effort you can get booked on local radio and quoted in the local papers. You may even be able to make a couple of appearances on local television.


People will read you book and pass it along to others. Even those who do not read it will refer to you as “the author of that book”. This can be a powerful implied endorsement.

Ultimately, there is no downside to making publishing an integral part of your law firm marketing plan.

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