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Law Firm Marketing and Fee Negotiation

A well positioned law firm does not need to negotiate fees. Marketing helps you develop that position in the market. This is the reason why law firm marketing and fee negotiation go hand-in-hand. This video describes how you can make fee negotiation irrelevant for your law firm.

Ways to avoid fee negotiation include:

Package Your Services

Including other services in with the service the client requests is a great way to add value to your offering. For example: A client asks for a will and you include a durable power of attorney, a living will and a trust. The fee is higher but the value is greater. If other attorneys quote just the one document you can help the client see the value in (and the need for) completing all four.

Compare Your Fee to the Hourly Model

Hourly fees lend themselves to the commoditization of legal services. This is not good for the attorney or the client. When you quote your flat fee, you can compare it to what other hourly attorneys would charge.

If the matter would take you 10 hours and you would normally charge $350 per hour, your client would have paid $3,500. If you quote anything less than that, the client is getting a bargain.

Offer Unlimited Questions for a Brief Period of Time

Offer your client the opportunity to call you with questions on an unlimited basis for a fixed time period after the matter is completed. You can put a maximum on the total duration of the interaction but the client will perceive significant value in having access to you – even for a brief period of time.

Include an Annual Review

This is a great way to add value to your offering and develop a relationship with the client. Include an annual review in with you work. Each year you will review the work you did for the client and update it if necessary. You can also “throw in” a review of other documents or matters to determine if they need to be updated. If they do, you have some additional work you can do (and bill) for that client.

There are several ways to position your services in your law firm marketing. These will all help you avoid negotiating fees under any circumstances.

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