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Law Firm Marketing and Closing the Deal

One of the parts of law firm marketing many attorneys struggle with is closing the deal. This means first, getting the client, who is sitting right in front of you, to sign on the dotted line. But there is more to it than that. They must not only sign on the dotted line but they must also pay and follow your guidance.

We consider this all part of closing the deal and all part of law firm marketing.

Here is the process of closing the deal and on-boarding the new client.

This process starts with a phone call inquiry. The phone call should be fielded by an administrative assistant or paralegal. The administrative assistant should have a script that he/she follows in order to qualify the potential client. This script must include questions about financial means and about the particular problem the prospective client is facing.

As long as the client is qualified, an appointment with an attorney should be scheduled. During that appointment, the attorney is essentially interviewing the prospective client to make sure the client is a good fit for the lawyer and the law firm. This is done through a consultative conversation loaded with open ended questions.

Once the attorney agrees to proceed, the subject of money is discussed. If the client has any financial issues, they must be worked out before any work is done. No work begins with the financial arrangements unsettled.

The next step involves covering the ground rules. These ground rules include contact times and contact frequency as well as what the client is expected to contribute to the resolution of his matter. Again, there must be complete agreement on all of these items before you proceed. If there is any hesitation, do not start work.

Using this process, you can see how a potential client can not only become a good client but a great client. The key to kicking this process off is incorporating it into your law firm marketing plan.

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