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Improve Your Law Firm Marketing: Take a Day Off

Being a lawyer is stressful enough. Add to that the time you spend on law firm marketing and it is enough to make your head spin. If you want to improve your law firm marketing and your legal work, you need to give yourself a break. Check out this video for more on how taking a day off can help.

Law firm marketing is probably not the most important thing on your list of priorities. It should be. But it probably isn’t. Neither is taking a day off. In fact you may think taking a day off will hurt your ability to get things done.

In reality, taking a day off once every couple of weeks will actually improve your productivity. Here’s why:

Taking time off gives your subconscious mind time to reset.

Your subconscious mind is constantly working. It needs time to focus and prioritize. If you are consciously bombarding it with thoughts and ideas you never give it a break. Taking a day without adding new information will help your subconscious mind catch up.

Leaving the mobile phone and email behind helps you de-stress.

Everyone complains about stress. The pressure to push work out the door is the number one reason law firm marketing is not a point of focus. If you turn off the cell phone and forget about the email, just for a day, your focus will improve and your stress level will go down.

Getting away from the office helps reinvigorate you.

You are so wrapped up in your own world that your priorities are distorted. Once you take a break you will be able to reset your priorities. You’ll be dying to get back to work. You will feel better about your approach to the tasks you need to address and you’ll focus more clearly.

Make it a point to take a day off sometime during the next couple of weeks and see if your productivity (particularly as it relates to law firm marketing) improves.

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