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How to Use Testimonials in Law Firm Marketing

Your law firm marketing can contain testimonials and references if the client asks to see them. In most states, the law firm regulating bodies prohibit the use of testimonials in law firm advertising. But clients should always choose a lawyer based on thorough research. References and testimonial letters are part of that research process. This video explains:

Once a client asks you for references or requests information on your services, in most jurisdictions, you may provide him with reference letters. Here are four ways to use these reference letters to help your client make a good decision when selecting a lawyer:

Encourage the Client to Check References on All Lawyers

It is a good practice for a client to request references from all the lawyers they are speaking with before they make a hiring decision. When the client comes to see you, you should point out that the hiring of a lawyer is an important decision and the client should request references from attorneys. When they request your references, you should present them with the letters past clients have written you. This is law firm marketing and good advice.

Framed Reference Letters Make Great Artwork

In your office you should have framed testimonial letters all over the walls. This will provide your clients with great reading material and it will also help them make a good decision when selecting a lawyer. This is law firm marketing and art.

Scrap Books with Letters are Excellent Reading Material

Placing a scrap book in your waiting area with your press clippings in it is a good idea. You should also include copies of any letters written by clients. If people are waiting to see you, the least you can do is provide them with something to read. This is law firm marketing and common courtesy.

Educational Event Presentations

If you are giving an educational presentation at an event, you should always invite a client to the event to give a presentation. The client can present their own legal “best practice” without ever offering an endorsement of you, solicited by you. The audience knows that you are their lawyer. Make sure the presentation doesn’t sell you. It does not need to look like law firm marketing.

Testimonials are the most compelling form of law firm marketing you will ever receive. If you follow the guidelines of your local regulatory body, there is no reason you should not employ them in your law firm marketing.

Note and disclaimer: Most state regulatory bodies prohibit the use of unsolicited testimonials in law firm marketing.

Always check with your state and local regulatory body before implementing any law firm marketing campaign. This is particularly true of testimonials and client references.
Ethics in law firm marketing is the responsibility of the attorney. This video and article is not intended to imply that this practice is in compliance with the rules of conduct in any or all states and municipalities.

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