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How To Get Clients as a Lawyer

The title of this article is a popular search term for people who find this website. Since you may have been searching for this exact topic I decided to give you a brief crash course on how to get clients as a lawyer. Keep in mind this is simplistic and brief (given the fact that this is an article on a blog and not a course in marketing). But my desire is to give you’re a few actionable steps that will help you find your way in the world of law firm marketing.

One of the most important points I make when people ask me how to find clients as a lawyer is to help them face reality. By that I mean that nobody cares about your background or your experience or your fancy office until they know that you can solve their problem. That is a huge lesson for many attorneys.

Most lawyers will lead a business development conversation with their qualifications and their background and that is certain to turn any client or prospective client off. Instead, you should take a consultative approach and understand the needs and the desires of the client. This will not only help you build a relationship with him, it will also help you tailor your approach when it comes time to offer your services.

That is the initial advice I offer lawyers when they want to know how to get clients in a one-on-one setting. Getting clients to the point where they are in your office and ready to sign up means you must attract many prospective clients who need your services. That requires skill at law firm marketing.

In this video I share a few ideas on how you can attract those prospective clients.

Here is an outline of the three steps I share in the video.

Pick a Niche for Your Law Firm Marketing: Marketing to everyone is a disaster. You do not have the time and financial resources to launch a law firm marketing campaign to everyone who could possibly need your services. You must pick an area of focus even if it is just for law firm marketing purposes. This will help you tailor our message to a specific group.

Differentiate Your Law Firm from All the Others: Your law firm marketing must answer this question: Why should someone hire you instead of everyone else? The answer should be something that is difficult for other firms to replicate. And the answer should never, ever focus on your fees. Being a low fee lawyer is the quickest way to become a broke lawyer.

Educate Prospective Clients: There are two key points to educational marketing: First you want to educate your clients on why they need to solve their problem now and second you need to educate your prospective clients on how to choose the correct lawyer to solve their problem.

Notice I did not mention the need to give your background information anywhere. Notice I did not mention the need to boast about your impressive record. Notice that everything I shared with you is focused on the client and his needs.

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