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How to Get A Speaking Engagement

One of the topics that comes up most frequently among my clients is securing speaking engagements. Many attorneys want them but few know how to secure them. Here is a sure-fire process you can use to secure as many speaking engagements as you can handle.

Step one: View This As a Marketing Process

Securing a speaking engagement is not easy. You have to put forth significant effort in order to make certain you are on the top of the list to be selected. As part of a marketing plan, you must have a message targeted at the right market delivered via the right media. The steps that follow will help you do that.

Step Two: Make a Video of Your Speech

You should video tape yourself giving your speech to an audience and then put that speech up on Youtube. This will allow you to send out links to this video when you start to market yourself.

You should also post this video on your website on your Facebook profile and on any other social media sites you are a member of.

Step Three: Break your Speech into Weekly Emails

Each week you should send out some of your content in a weekly email with a link to the Youtube video as your call to action. This will get the meeting or event planner interested in what you have to say.

Step Four: Use Regular Mail To Send Out a Postcard Every Week

Every week you should send out a postcard via regular mail. This postcard should contain a quote or some other tidbit of interesting information and it should also include a link to your video site. This is a valuable follow-up step that must be included.

Step Five: Follow Up with a Phone Call

The final step is to place a monthly phone call to the meeting or event planner. This phone call will help you secure your impression in their mind and it will also help them understand how serious you are about speaking to their group.

It is very important that you do not get discouraged at any point in this process. Just because people do not respond to you immediately does not mean they are not receiving your information. Your persistence will be part of the brand you establish in their mind.

Remember that securing a speaking engagement is a marketing process in and of itself. Give it the effort it deserves. Have your message, market and media ready to go and work hard at it. The payoff from this process will be well worth the effort.

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