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How to Find Time for Law Firm Marketing

The toughest challenge for most law firms and attorneys is finding time for marketing. One of the best kept secrets is that time management is all about knowing when to say “NO”. This video lists five things you should ALWAYS say “NO” to when you need to make more time for law firm marketing.

Always say no to:


Meeting with a vendor is almost always a waste of time. If you need to purchase something for you law firm, have the vendor email you the proposal along with a listing of the features and benefits of the product. Ask your assistant to review at least three of these proposals. Then have your assistant ask the vendor for his/her best and final offer. Review everything with your assistant and make a decision.

Giving Free Advice

Never give legal advice for free to someone who can pay for it. Yes, you should do pro bono work for the indigent. But never, ever give away what you should charge for.

If you need a reality check go to the supermarket. Get a gallon of milk. Tell the cashier that you really need the milk for your kids and ask her if you can have it for free.

Social Appointments on Work Time

Save your social appointments for a day when you can enjoy them – your day off. Don’t meet people socially during your work hours. Take an extra day off each week if you need to. But while you are at work, work.

All Administrative Tasks

You didn’t go to law school to spend an hour changing the toner on the copier. You didn’t go to law school to transcribe the tape of the deposition. Hire a great administrative assistant and delegate all administrative tasks to him/her.

Note: Do not delegate the signing of checks or the balancing of the checking account (operating and escrow). You must do these things. Delegate everything else.

Answering Phone Calls and Seeing Drop-ins

Never, ever see someone who drops in without an appointment. It positions you as a desperate attorney and it could be a huge waste of time.

You should also never answer an inbound phone call. It could be a waste of time (someone shopping around) and at best, if it is a client, you will not be prepared to discuss the case.

Some of these things may seem like a bit of a stretch to say “NO” to. Well that’s probably part of the problem. Say “NO” to these time wasters and you can double your time for law firm marketing within the next 60 days.

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